Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blue Fish News

We are into Luke Chapter 5 this month, and discussing it in three sections for the three Saturdays before the Gathering on the 28th.

We had three new people at Rick & Lori's on August 7th, and met another friend in their building who needed help moving, so we are going to be back later in the week.

We decided Monday night to keep asking one another each week, "Who is your 'neighbor', and what do they need?" We will be keeping the different house churches informed on needs and resources so we can respond to needs that come up - wherever we are!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meetings for August 2010

August 7th 5-8 pm Lori & Ricks
(to be added - in Isanti)

August 14th 5-8 pm Meg's
538 Old North Main St, Cambridge, MN

August 21st 5-8pm Pam's
2271 - 335th Lane NE, Cambridge, MN

If you need directions - Give a call to Bob at 763 221-4760, or keep checking this site!